Q: What is Depositit Business SAFE?
A: Depositit Business SAFE is a secure virtual filing cabinet where you can safely store the information that is most important to your company: registration and VAT numbers, HMRC details, banking information, insurance policies, key accounts, utility accounts, usernames & passwords and much more.

There is also an area to note down emergency numbers for tradesmen. You can add or amend information at any time and once you have this information securely stored in your virtual filing cabinet, you have the peace of mind that wherever you are in the world, you can quickly and easily access it at any time and from any place.

Q: Can I store documents in my Business SAFE account?
A: YES. You can attach a file alongside any of your entries on Business SAFE. Useful documents to save include scanned copies health & safety certificates, registration papers and insurance policy information. All information stored in the virtual filing cabinet is encrypted for your security and privacy.

Q: What is Depositit Cyber ALERT?
A: Depositit Cyber ALERT allows you to quickly communicate and stay in touch with your customers when a crisis occurs. No matter where you are in the world you can log into your account and send an email to let customers, suppliers or staff know of any crisis. Tap out a quick message and it will be sent to your list of contacts. You can then regularly update them on the situation.

Q: How much does it cost to use Business SAFE and Cyber ALERT?
A: For customers using a Depositit online backup account, the Business SAFE and Cyber ALERT services are free of charge. When registering for your B/SAFE or C-ALERT account from the home page of this website, users should put in their online backup username into the promo field and there will be nothing to pay.

For all other users the cost is £50 + vat a year with discounts available for charities, multiple accounts or multi year policies. Please be in touch for more information.

Q: Why do I need Depositit Business Continuity solutions?
A: Nothing can put a damper on trading more quickly than phone/internet going down, offices being flooded, rail strikes, snow or other reasons preventing access to the office. Another reason might be the person who handles the information for you is on holiday or off sick, leaving you without access to the information you need.

Saving sensitive data on your phone, in an email or on scraps of paper leaves this sensitive information very vulnerable to all kinds of risks. Depositit provides a 100% secure, highly encrypted, user friendly platform on which to store your most sensitive information and from where you can quickly access it when needed.

Having access to your information and remaining in touch with customers will mitigate downtime for your company.

Q: How secure are Depositit Business Continuity solutions?
A: Business SAFE and Cyber ALERT have been developed by Aradon Ltd, a world leader in business continuity data security applications, developing highly encrypted insurance approved solutions for the world’s financial, legal, medical and education sectors since 1999.

Q: Do you have a similar solution to store my personal information?
A: Yes. Set up a Depositit ORGANISER account which is a dedicated solution for personal use and is free of charge.

Q: What other services does Depositit offer?
A: Depositit online backup ensures you can quickly recover lost computer files and continue working with minimal disruption.

The online backup software can be quickly installed on laptops, pcs and servers, safeguards all files types including emails, databases and scanned documents and will store historic versions allowing you to go back in time to recover lost information.

Depositit online backup is insurance approved, complies with regulatory guidelines and meets data protection regulations. It will suit any sized company from single laptop users to multi server offices.