About Us

Depositit is owned by Aradon Ltd, a leading UK-based software and technology company. Founded in 1999, Aradon specialises in the development of secure, global Internet-based cyber protection and business continuity solutions. Its flagship solution, depositit.com, is a secure and compliant online backup and anti ransomeware solution that has been developed for the SME sector and meets UK data protection and regulatory requirements. The service is low cost, easy to use and insurance approved making it a popular choice across all industry sectors, including recruitment, dental/ optical/medical, financial, retails, legal and many other company types who require a reliable system for ensuring their computer data is safely backed up, kept secure and they are protected from any data extortion threats.

With Business SAFE and Cyber Alert, Aradon delivers peace of mind to companies who are seeking easy to use, efficient business continuity solutions that will complement any risk management system currently in place.

Business SAFE is an online portal that acts as a virtual filing cabinet, offering a secure, user friendly platform on which to store all of a company’s most important documents and information. When a business needs to access, store or provide details such as company number, VAT number, trademark or patent information, or needs details of an insurance policy, bank account, key client information, emergency contact information and much more. Everything can now be stored centrally and securely with immediate access available from anywhere in the world using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Cyber ALERT is a communication portal allowing businesses to quickly notify customers when a crisis occurs. Communication is paramount in a crisis situation and Cyber Alert enables businesses to quickly and easily remain in touch with customers, staff and suppliers with the press of a button. Immediate access is available via any device and from anywhere in the world, allowing companies for any reason to quickly send a message to help mitigate, advise and update about an emergency or crisis. Critically you can continue to remain in touch with updates until the crisis has passed.